Monday, March 1, 2010

Lots of Literary Events This Week

Read Across America, Tuesday, March 2nd - This is a national reading event to encourage kids/people to read. Tips and suggestions
You and your Literary Family can think of your own special way to celebrate reading- either in school or at home in your community! Spread the love of reading.

World Read Aloud Day- This is a World Reading Event to encourage all of us to read aloud to one another! To listen to the written word. Reading Aloud is so important to a child's reading development. It is also a wonderful bonding experience! Take some time on Wednesday to remember that. Pick out a zillion books from your library and read aloud for an hour! All of your favorites.

Make this a special reading week. Find a way to celebrate Literacy as a family. Share your passion for reading with others. Make it into a yearly ritual!

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  1. Hi Amanda!
    Susan from the coaching institute, Blizzard With A Chance of Coaching, remember? I am finally finding your BLOG as I pour through my notes from the institute. I can already tell I am going to me a big, huge fan of Literary Family! I love the diversity and range of literacy topics. Thanks for sharing with me.