Friday, March 5, 2010

Signing Your Way Through Books

Ever since Little Sister L was a baby, Mentor Mommy S and Mentor Daddy R, would read with her using all their gestures and words to convey what was happening in books. Like many young babies, LSL learned how to make some early signs as she was growing up, so that she could tell people that she was hungry, thirsty, sorry, or wanted more. When LSL would read books pretty early on, she would "act" her books out as her mommy and daddy read to her. Like in "I Like It When", a book all about the different things people can do together, on each page LSL will show you what is happening.

This is a way for young children to engage in their books and make sense of what is happening. Another favorite she had as a pre- toddler was the Do's and Don'ts book! That is fun to act out too!

You and the kids in your life can become actors! Enjoy the stage. Enjoy the read.

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