Monday, March 8, 2010

Encourage Kids to Write at Home: Get the Right Stationary

This weekend, Little Moon, Mama J and I were hanging out in the International District in Seattle together. As we picked up a tea to walk around the neighborhood, we decided to go to my favorite kind of store- a bookstore. We went to Kinokuniya a gigantic Japanese Bookstore filled with books and videos In Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and English.

They have a big Japanese Children’s Literature section, filled also with puzzles! They have a nice section of books in English too, filled with books by Grace Lin, Oliver Chin, Yumi Heo and more.

They have a beautiful stationary section at the front of the store- what a heaven! We shopped for notebooks and pens for an hour! So I picked up a couple of things for my nephew’s birthday! Why not get a couple of little notebooks for his 3 year old birthday. He can work on drawing and ‘writing’ in side of them- just like his Titi. I got us matching ones. As I support his library and reading development- I shouldn’t ignore his writing development either. Writing is another beginning step towards literacy!

Luckily his ‘surfers backpack’ has side pockets- just the right size for a couple of notebooks! Just 3 weeks away!

Happy reading and writing to you!


  1. The girls would love this stuff! I must go down there...

  2. WOW!!! What a great idea! In my family, I'm the aunt who always gives the books. It's fantastic! But I will certainly add some notepads and writing materials next time! Thanks so much for the suggestion!