Thursday, March 4, 2010

Reading Journeys

I have been reading the blog- La Bloga! This is a post about Rene Colato Lainez's new book for children. He is children book author writing about his life stories in Spanish and English. This is not his first book. He has many good ones to check out. In My Shoes is the story about how he came and traveled to the United States form El Salvador.

Julia Alvarez also has a story about families who travel between countries in order to provide for their families.
Julia explains why and how she got the idea and decided to write this story. We are an ever-connected world. We need to find ways to understand the lives of others to help us understand ourselves and how to make the world better for all. This novel pushes you to question and wonder and to challenge norms. I think I am going to give this book to AB for birthday in April!

Enjoy the read and rich conversations with the kids in your life!

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  1. Julia Alvarez! Another writer who lives in Vermont! Another GREAT Julia Alvarez book - How Tia Lola Came to Visit/Stay