Sunday, February 28, 2010

Articles I Posted For You In February on Facebook That You Might Have Missed

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Please join! I have been posting articles on the fan page that I have read this month. I didn't have a chance to include them all on the blog. Here they are below.

American Indian Children's Literarture Blog:
Do All Indians Live In Tipis?

Book Court Bookstore in Cobble Hill Brooklyn:

It's also very exciting that Grace Lin and Julia Alvarez both won awards this year.

Joy Harjo wrote about another novel that has won critical acclaim in Children's Literature.

Mosaic Magazine- Is a wonderful literary magazine for young adults! I am so glad I found this. It is written for educators.

Reading Reptile Bookstore- Is a great bookstore in Kansas City Kansas. It has really become a national hub for attracting authors to and give readings for kids. The website is fun for all to visit.

Preschool Issues NYtimes- The NYTimes has been publishing some good articles on education. In the face of changing no child left behind- there is a chance that educational policies could improve.

Playing to Learn Op/Ed NYTimes- But we are mostly hoping for more rigor and less testing!
Both of these education articles suggest we should consider educating versus test them.

Songs about Peace and Love!
Read about great songs for you and children to listen to. Beth has a wonderful blog you should follow her too!

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