Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Power of Reading Aloud

Ever since I was a little girl, I have enjoyed being read to! Even today, driving in the car, I still choose specially selected books and authors to download onto my ipod to play in the car. I love listening to books. My dad used to read me to each night. He would read picture books and chapter books to me. I remember he used to read, Green Eggs and Ham. He would read the book and then he would reread the book, with his own adaptation. He would twist and turn the words and make me laugh out loud. I think he created a version about, Sam the mobster out of the classic Seuss book.

Even as I got older, in Middle School, I remember enjoying being read to in school. My 6th grade teacher read to us the series, All Creatures Great and Small. I remember being on the edge of my seat and enjoying the drama of learning about small town veterinarian life.

Help grow the little readers in your life, pick your favorite books and Read Aloud to them!

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