Sunday, March 7, 2010

Read the World with Babies

When Brand New Baby S was born, I couldn't resist getting him, To Be a Kid! I love books for babies that have babies and kids from all of the globe. Celebrating the diversity and beauty in our world- yet celebrating the common links we have as children and people in the world.

Another favorite gift I like to get for people is Mem Fox's book, Whoever You Are. That is another wonderful celebration of childhood and understanding one another.

At my nephew's daycare, each birthday one of his fellow classmates have, my sister and I get a book for the daycare to celebrate their day! I bought, One World, One Day for them. A beautiful book of photographs form National Geographic, documenting a day in the life of kids all over the world.

When I was growing up, I remember reading, People by Peter Spier.

Celebrate the world! Celebrate life! Enjoy the reads.

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  1. I love Barbara Kerley. She is, like, my favorite author in the whole wide world. I was just reading A Little Peace to Lily today!