Monday, February 1, 2010

Treasured and Loved Books: Great Gifts for Kids to Give Each Other

When my nephew was born I drove up to Canada with two big
bags of books.

On the road trip north, I stopped off at my god son's and AB's house.
We started to look through their bookshelves and baskets.
My god son, 6 at the time said,
"I have a lot of baby books!
Maybe I should give some of these to the new baby?"
What a great idea!
AB went through her shelves as well,
to see what books she didn't want
any longer and which ones she just loved to reread a million

AB gave some of her books to her brother,
she made a bag for her cousin,
and a bag for school. She thought she could
give some of her books to
her past teachers.
She decided which ones would be good for which grades!

My god son did the same.
He made bags for the new baby (my nephew)
and ones that he wanted to give his teacher from last year.
P and A were thrilled! Spring cleaning and gift giving!
How thoughtful! We packed up the bags in the garage and
loaded the car.
Before I headed out- the three of us headed to the bookstore
to begin to fill our shelves again with new books!
Everyone felt refreshed and loved by books!

What a great idea, for kids to feel the sense of giving to others.
Giving things that once brought them joy!

My friend Sara and her family, each summer,
go to South Africa to work with teachers and
kids on building literacy.
Sara and her friend, this past weekend, had a party.
They asked all of their friends to bring books
that they wanted to donate to the school
where Sara and her family work.
For all of us unable to attend the party,
Sara sent us a link to an organization to buy books
from South African authors.
With every book that you purchase,
they donate that same book to the school.

What a great idea. Build your international library at home,
while helping schools in South Africa to build their libraries.

Just another way to help give the gift of books and
reach your arms out to include others into your own
Literary Family.

Happy early spring cleaning, gift giving and most of all

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