Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Babies Like to Read About Babies

If you want to see a baby light up and smile as you read- bring them a book with other babies! Babies love to see each other in books. They will want to pick up the books themselves and will pick them out and bring them over to you. There are lots of great series of baby books out there. I am always looking for books with babies that all look different! Here are a few of my nephew's, Baby C's, M's Little Boy J, and AB's favorites from when they were babies.

AB loved the books by Charles Smith Jr. The photos of the babies are so beautiful and charming. They would make any person smile, especially a baby! We loved the the Baby Love Board Books! If you can still find them- get them! We use to sing to AB and read these over and over! We passed them down to my god son and then on to my nephew. I wonder what lucky baby will be next. We aren't done with them yet! Last winter, my nephew came to NYC for a visit. We went to the bookstore and did some real damage together! We bought, My People (The poem by Langston Hughes. Photos by CSJ). Luckily that was just newly in print! It is a beautiful book. Buy it!

Little Boy J loved to read, Everywhere Babies, literally everywhere! Baby C loved the series Baby Faces! Baby C got Smile and Eat. How delicious! They come en espanol tambien!

My nephew was a huge fan of the Helen Oxenbury books! Tickle Tickle, All Fall Down, and Say Goodnight! Last year for a winter present to all the babies in my life, I gave them, Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes, by Mem Fox and illustrated by Helen. A real winner with the babies and the parents.

Lastly, my favorite series for babies reading about each other is the, Urban Babies Wear Black Board Books. There are so many good ones in this series, Beach Babies Wear Shades, Eco Babies Wear Green etc! They are super fun! You will find yourself laughing out loud!

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