Saturday, February 20, 2010

Snuggled Up With Warriors!

M and I spent the afternoon, snuggled up on the sofa! She has another book report in a couple of weeks- due. Apparently she will make a presentation about her next book. M is just starting the series, Warriors. She loves it! She says there is a lot of action! She is not the only girl that I know who loves this series. JP- my nephew's 4th grade friend- loves it as well. It is one of those series that both boys and girls really love to read. ACTION! Kids like action. Erin Hunter really helps her readers get that moving picture going in their mind.

I got my book out and M got the blanket and we started reading. We both decided to set two goals- one for how long and the other how many chapters. We decided we would try for one hour and get through 3 chapters.

Setting goals to pace your reading and setting aside time to read with your family and friends help you get through longer books. Curling up with your book alongside the kids in your life, not only models good reading behaviors but it helps you as well get some quiet reading done as well.

Get your blankets and pillows. Shut off your ipods and television! Snuggle up with your little readers, set some goals and read!

Enjoy your weekend.

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