Thursday, February 25, 2010

Interview of a Middle School Girl- Pre- Teen

What are you currently reading?

What do you think so far?
I love it because it is very detailed and I can really see it in my head. I read the other books in her series. This one is the best. It explains the different stories and how they became vampires.

Why do you like to read?

It takes me to a different place, a different world. If you just want to get away, get away from the normal world and just think about something different- then reading is a good way to that.

How do you pick which books to read?
People recommend to me. My dad or other friends mostly recommend to me the books I read.

What do you want your reading life to be like as an adult?
I want to read as many books as now or twice as much. I want to inspire my kids to read a lot.

Why you think you read?
I just kind of grew in to books. Its like they were always around me.

What are your favorite genres?

What do younger kids need to know about reading?
They need to find a good genre that they like when they are young. Then they can branch out into other themes.

What about kids who don't like books?
Read the books at school and just free read on your own time. Make time. Take out all other unnecessary activity like tv or just read in the car.

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