Sunday, February 14, 2010

Show Your Love to Others

Make your own valentine's day cards. Send a quote from a favorite Children's Book to your friends- of any age! Make Valentine Day cards to your friends and families with your little and big ones! Ask them to pick out moments in books that show love!

Happy Valentine's Day. Happy Reading Day. I hope this day is filled and fills you with love.

"We're safe," said Stellaluna. Then she sighed. "I wish you could see in the dark, too."
"We wish you could land on your feet," Flitter replied. Pip and Flap nodded.
They perched in silence for a long time.

"How can we be so different and feel so much alike?" mused Flitter.
"And how can we feel so different and so much alike?" wondered Pip.
"I think this is quite a mystery," Flap chirped.
"I agree," said Stellauna. "But we're friends, And that's a fact."

Stellaluna By Janell Cannon


  1. "Chester felt his mother's kiss rush from his hand, up his arm, and into his heart. Even his silky, black mask tingled with a special warmth. Mrs. Raccoon smiled. 'Now,' she told Chester, 'whenever you feel lonely and need a little loving from home, just press your hand to your cheek and think, 'Mommy loves you. Mommy loves you' and that very kiss will jump to your face and fill you with toasty warm thoughts.'" (The Kissing Hand, by Audrey Penn)

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