Saturday, February 20, 2010

Give Your Stories as a Gift: Happy Birthday Sis!

Photo By Daniel Galan

Before I left Canada, I bought my sister an early birthday gift: Snow pants and a bathing suit.
(Oh, the irony of Canada in the wintertime!)

Today is her actual birthday and I am here in NYC- far away. I sent her this year a letter filled with 10 beautiful memories of the "Three of Us" together all year! I sent it in a beautiful card (and included a little $$ to encourage her to have a nice brunch out or evening to herself!)

For my friends' birthdays lately I have been giving them 3 nights (with unlimited hours) of babysitting! How priceless right? In some cities that is a mega $ gift! For me, it is a pleasure to get to hang out with some of favorite kids, like Baby C and Little Boy J and Sister L.

Moms and Dads need to be celebrated too! You all work so hard! Happy Birthday Sis!

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