Sunday, January 24, 2010

A Throw Back to The 70s: An Interview with a Toddler and Her Mother

I am visiting with my friends in Mount Vernon Wa, an hour north of Seattle! In honor of Little Moon's birthday (2 years old) and the new year- I brought her three books- Tomie DePaola's, Te Amo Sol, Te Amo Luna, Opposites by Eye Like, and A Child's Day An Alphabet of Play, By Ida Pearle.

I decided that I would conduct my first interview with Little Moon (2 years old) and her mom- Mama J. I asked them, "What are Little Moon's favorite books here that she likes to read?"

Mama J pulled out a few favorites that tended to be the books that Little Moon would pull and read on her own or ask Mama J or Papi read!

I Can Blink

We Like Kindergarten

People In My Family

Hand Hand Fingers Thumb

The Pokey Little Puppy

I looked at Mama J and I was like, "You still have these? Golden Books?" She told me that her mother saved all of her childhood books (and more) so that when she had a daughter, she could have the same things as she did when she was a child. Yes- it was like going back in time!

Finally Little Moon emerged with her own books in hand- A big and little copy of Backyard Circus! Mama J started laughing! "She really does read that all the time- mostly on her own!"

We were on our way out the door, to go to brunch, when Little Moon rushed to get her books. Little moon then proceeded to get into her car seat with book in hand. When her straps were on, she opened Backyard Circus and read it- numerous times until we arrived at our destination.

What is so beautiful is not that she loves Backyard Circus but that she has interests and that she wants to carry on her interests in the car as we go to brunch. Oh, Little Moon! What a reader you are!


  1. The vintage bookstore on Etsy is so much fun! I found an old Betty Crocker Cookbook for Boys & Girls that I grew up with and ordered a copy. Thanks for the throwbacks!

  2. I just learned about Etsy this weekend in WA and met an artist who is on it--- the next coming post! Look for it!