Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Help Kids See Where Books Belong

I have always wanted to do an episode about books for Oprah (I suppose now I have to dream of a new show) where I show and help parents build their child's libraries at home. One of the first things I would do is to seek out the number of places and space where their books could be shelved, housed and displayed for easy reading enjoyment: Books about food and cooking in the kitchen (Kitchen for Kids, Betty Crocker's Kids Cook, Omnivore's Dilemma For Kids), books about peeing and pooping, magazines, (Everybody Poops, Time To Pee, Ranger Rick, Ask, Muse) and other old favorites in the bathroom. Think about your own reading life. Do you have reading materials throughout your household? The beautiful art books near your piano, the stack of books about work near your desk, and the newspaper on your dining room table?

This weekend Mama J took me to meet her friend, Kristin Loffer Theiss- an amazing artist living in Mount Vernon Washington. She took me to her studio to see what things I needed to buy on Etsy and bring home for my nephew. Kristin sews and makes these beautiful pillows,plush dolls, shirts and more in the upstairs of her house in her studio. Throughout her home there are books for her two year old little boy- from the living room all the way up into her studio.

Her home is decorated with books! They are strategically and artfully placed. In her studio she has all of his art books: A Charley Harper ABC, Calder's life story, The Red Balloon to name a few. His books, are right next to her magazines. Studios are places where you work and you read.

The family that reads together, sticks together! Decorate your house with books. Make books accessible for kids and be able to see reading possibilties everywhere. What special rooms in your house do you have books for kids? Post here.

Read this blog to think more about spreading the love of books around your home.

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  1. Decorating with books sounds like so much fun! I loved how you said you "needed" to buy from Etsy - so glad to see that someone else is as addicted to Etsy as I am! My vintage Betty Crocker Cookbook for kids that I ordered on Etsy is coming any day now. I can't wait to put it on display in the kitchen!