Saturday, January 23, 2010

Giving the Gift of an Author

When my god son was born- 9 years ago- I was on the hunt for board books which featured characters of color. I wanted to make sure that at home, he would have a library books that were beautiful, fun, interesting and that would reflect people who looked similar to him and his family. So for his 1st birthday I gave him the gift of two authors- two authors who write for babies as well as for teenagers- Angela Johnson and Eloise Greenfield. I bought him three books with "Joshua" who is the central character in the book- Joshua's Night Whispers, Joshua By the Sea, and Baby Birds. I also bought him a series of board books, My Daddy and I and I Make Music.

I thought- not only a book is a great gift- but a few books from the same author can teach a couple of beautiful things. One thing that it teaches is that when you love an author you should look and seek out other books by that author. It also is a nice way to introduce an author who the child will be able to read at various ages!

My friends in Los Angeles just adopted 3 year twins! When I went out to visit and meet them for the first time I knew I had to bring some books! So for the twins- and their 18 month old sister, I brought 6 books by Mo Willems! If you have never read anything by Mo, you need to run out the door now and go to your local bookstore and buy something by him right now (or just click
on your favorite bookstore on online)! He is funny. His books have beautiful little tips and messages for kids. They are super engaging- the art as well as the language- and did I mention that they are LOL funny? I gave them: Leo, Piggy and Gerald,Piggy and Gerald 2, Don't Let The Pigeon Drive The Bus, Don't Let The Pigeon Stay Up Late, and Naked Mole Rat Gets Dressed.

For M's birthday this year I got her one of my favorite authors - who I was hoping would become one of hers- Carmen Agra Deedy. A beautiful storyteller. I gave M: 14 Cows, The Library Dragon, The Yellow Star. Now I can't leave her brother A out of the picture. I got him, the Quebecois writer- Melanie Watt. She writes two popular series: Scaredy Squirrel and Chester. A was laughing out loud reading the Scaredy Squirrel books!

Looking for a "Welcome to Your New Home Gift", a "Birthday Gift", or even a "House Warming Gift"? Give the gift of an author! You'll be building a library that teaches and offers more than just the stories!

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