Sunday, January 17, 2010

Celebrating the Life of Martin Luther King Jr

Today is a day that we remember the life and dreams of Martin Luther King Jr. We remember his legacy and his lessons to try and become better citizens in this world. Some people read his speeches with their kids (or excerpts).

Some families listen all together to his speeches read on an audio version. Discussing his life and his actions as a family help kids not only make sense of the past but also that of the present.

Audio Version of Drum Major Instinct

A beautiful biography picture, Martin's Big Words, is a lovely book to read with your kids at home that helps to tell the story of his life. A Sweet Smell of Roses is another beautiful story of kids taking a stand. You may even decide to read other biographies of people who made and are making a difference in the world. Akira to Zoltan or Amelia to Zora. Two winners.

Reading/listening to his speeches or finding a biography to read- gives your family a connection with this important holiday.

I hope you spend the day peaceful, helping others- together.

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  1. A Sweet Smell of Roses is one of my favorite picture books of all time. Angela Johnson is truly a literary genius.