Friday, January 15, 2010

Books Make Great Party Favors

Last year for A's 4th birthday, he decided (his little 4 year old self) that he would have each of his friends bring a new book (unwrapped), one of their favorites, to his party. A and his sister, M, each brought a book themselves. Mom and Dad had two extras just in case someone forgot. As the guests arrived, M and A displayed the books at the front table, near the entrance. It was quite a beautiful display. At the end of the party A announced, "Now everyone can go to the book table and pick the book you want to take home!" How sweet, right? A book swap as a party favor. You can bet some kids took home the book they brought! There was a duplicate of a book- which came in handy for the two who wanted the same book. There was an "unexpected sibling" who joined the party, who also got the pleasure of taking home a book. Not candy, not a plastic toy that you will soon throw away. Both A and M walked away from the party satisfied- giving a book to friends and receiving a new one to treasure and to remember the great birthday book swap.

The Twins (set #1) celebrated their first birthday with a beautiful poetry book, Here's a Little Poem, by Jane Yolen, as their party favor. How appropriate since their birthday falls in April- National Poetry Month. Each family that came to the party, walked away with the beautiful book wrapped in a graceful gold ribbon. What a nice way to remember and enjoy your friendship and birthday! Now when my nephew and I read the book at home, we have some favorite poems we always like to read together, but we also always talk about the Twins.

Baby Kate's mom and dad got married 2 years ago. After their wedding they were planning to move to the Philippines for a year. The two of them decided to get married and have a small dinner party with close friends and family at a little Filipino owned restaurant in Soho, Cendrillon. Many people give little mementos to their friends and families so that they will always remember their special day and new partnership. At the end of the evening, they gave each couple/person a copy of the chef's newest cookbook, Memories of Philippine Kitchens. Creative, thoughtful, and delicious!

Books make great party favors! They definitely leave your friends with a strong reminder of your event and the special relationship that you share! Why not share this with the kids and loved ones in your family.

Please post your thoughts and comments. If you think of using books as a party favor for one of your events- let us all know! Post it here! That way we can really - spread the word!

Happy gift giving!

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