Thursday, January 28, 2010

Learn about Science Through Songs

Do you remember listening to, They Might Be Giants, 15 years ago? I do. When M and A called and told me they were taking me to a kids' rock concert I thought to myself- How cute! How funny? How will that go? I asked them who we were going to see. M, with a huge smile taking over her face shouted, "They Might Be Giants!!!" I had to see this. Apparently, TMBG have produced a grammy winning CD, Here Come the 1,2,3s. At the concert they sang the song, Alphabet of Nations (From Here Comes the ABCs. See a pattern?) M and A started singing along, jumping and dancing. This concert featured their new album, Here Comes Science. They sang Why Does The Sun Really Shine? and Solid, Liquid, Gas. As the audience sang with the Giants they were grooving not only to the music, but to the information they were learning. The concert was very hip! Parents dancing with their kids, kids on shoulders, babies dancing close the stage- and confetti dropped on us three times! Highly entertaining. The car ride home was full of enthusiasm, questions and music!

I decided to get my nephew the CD. I thought it would be great for the car and special treat for him. He is not the biggest fan of the car- the city baby that he is. I wanted to take him this past winter vacation to little events outside the city! So I thought, Let me get some educational entertainment and make the car ride fun and interactive! Each time we got in I played the CD. By the 4th car ride, he was requesting the music and the songs to play. We decided on our favorites and would play those first and then we even picked favorite parts of songs that we would play, LOUD (don't tell grandma). His favorite tracks, The Elements, Let's Take A Ride in An Electric Car, and Science is Real. Nothing is cuter than a 2 year saying- "We are mostly made of 4 elements." Really? "Yeh Ogeyen." Cute. Just cute.

Create conversations about the natural world, about space, about science. Get Here Comes Science by TMBG. You will be talking for days to explain, explore and figure it all out. You will probably learn a few new tidbits along the way!

Go to this blog for more ideas of music (night music) to get for your babies!


  1. I love TMBG!!!!!! One of the first CDs I ever bought was Appollo 18. I used to go their concerts whenever they came to my town! Remember the giant gumby dolls? Did you know that they play regularly somewhere in Brooklyn?

  2. pretty sure they live in the BK! They have videos for kids made in Prospect Park!