Saturday, April 10, 2010

Reading Longer Books

The other night, I got to put Little Sister L to sleep. She picked out her latest favorite, Ladybug Girl and Lilly's special day. I have always been amazed by LSL and her stamina in being able to listen to longer storybooks- ever since she was about 18 months. She enjoys the long picture books (and a couple in a row) and then needs to be "tucked" into bed with EVERY Maisy book. Just in case she wants to "read". Seriously. I know. It is the cutest thing ever.

Baby C (who isn't such a baby anymore)- loves to read early chapter books, like Poppleton and Henry and Mudge. We spend a good 20 minutes reading Poppleton, and studying the map and reading each of the three stories in the book.

My nephew this summer, when he was just 2, started listening to longer stories before nap time. Koala Lou became a big reading ritual. And then we would call each other by name and say the in famous line. He would wake up and find his mama and say, “Mama-lou, I do love you!” Longer books hook you into literary language, give you that sense of story structure and as we know increases your exposure to vocabulary.

Read longer books to kids of all ages. Watch and be amazed at their love for story. Push the limits! See what they can handle and enjoy!

Happy reading to You!

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