Sunday, April 11, 2010

Catching Up With facebook

Some of you read us because you found us on the internet. Others of you read us because you found us on facebook or twitter. Whatever the case, here are some extra articles that we posted on facebook, in case you missed them. Feel free to become a fan of facebook, if you haven't already.

Articles, blogs, books about books to read
1. Vote here for your favorite books and authors!

2. Laurie Halse Anderson's website. We love her!

3. Eternal!

4. Great books to buy about and by Native Americans.

Articles about education and reading
1. We went to hear Bob Herbert and Vivian Paley speak about Early Childhood Education. Two fascinating people speaking up for what kids need.

2. The Case For Literature By Nancie Atwell

3. Even Preschoolers can read! Read Slate here.

4. Did you celebrate Nowruz? Happy New Year!

5. Families reading together!

6. Did you celebrate World Book Day?!

6. Sara's family was written up in The Washington Post about their work in South Africa and the book drive!

Articles that are Photographs/Films
1. Photojournalism. Study photographs from the past.

Good Blogs to Read
1. A family that blogs. Here is their BLOG.

2. A wonderful blog about children literature. Read about poets and poems this month! Also, this blog featured The Literary Family!

3. A blog about reading with boys!

4. We love reading the Tiny Reader. These past two months she has posted activities, interviews and her own poetry!

5. Pat Cummings has a blog!

6. Melanie Hope Greenberg has a blog!

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  1. HI I received a Google alert about this post! Thanks so much for including me on your blog roll and for mentioning my blog! All the best! Melanie Hope Greenberg