Monday, May 3, 2010

Getting Ready for Baby #2

I have a bunch of friends who this spring will have Baby Number 2. I am baby number 2 in my family and I know that families spend a lot of time wondering about us. Will we sleep as much much as baby #1? Will we fuss and cry more? What about eating? I can tell you this for sure- being baby 2 and watching countless friends have more than 1 baby- you can bet that the baby will be different and their own person. Not necessarily for the better or the worse, just different!

Little Mai-Mai will soon have a new baby this spring ( we don’t know if it is a boy or girl). We are all preparing her with, 'Big Sister' helpful tips and thinking about ways that she can help out. Often when I give a baby gift I give a gift to both kids. Little Mai-Mai is 2, on her way to 3!. So to see her new sibling, showered with attention and gifts seems really hard to understand, unless she too is celebrated in this new family event.

As the number 2 baby, I am also quite sensitive that number 2 receives some things that feel special and unique for them. 'Hand me downs', from one family to the next, can be given in such a way that can be beautiful and feel new. It is true that they are babies and they don’t know the difference. But just the thought of special present for the baby, that wasn't once the older siblings, will feel special.

Having some new books- a fresh connection to people – something that will bond you and the baby together is also a nice and important statement to make- and to continue making.

When Little Sister L was born- Little Boy J got a couple of new books from me and I gave to LSL, Won't You Be My Kissaroo and Won't You Be My Hugaroo.

LBJ read many of the books alongside Mentor Mommy S and LSL. Bonding over a LSL’s new books. Not so bad having a new girl or boy in the family.

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