Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Napping with a Good Book in Los Angeles

After spending a day at the beach with my friends Mama and Papa J and their three kids we went home for napping time. As all the kids went off to their own napping spot, I pulled out my gifts, Shades of People, The Lion and the Mouse, and a few non fiction books by Gail Gibbons: My Basketball Book and My Soccer Book. The twins and Toddler J- were in love with their new treasures.

Of course, as a house guest with Mama K and Big Girl C, I left 3 new series books with them. Chapter Book reading with young readers, who are in first grade like Big Girl C, is a wonderful way to work on build mental images, more sophisticated vocabulary and for thinking about longer and more complex stories. I gave them Whoopi Goldberg's new series- Sugar Plum Ballerinas, Nikki Grimes' new series- Dyamonde Daniel, and Amanda Stern's new series- Frankly Frannie.

Enjoy the reading! And lavish your friends in books!

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