Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Puzzles are Fun to Read

On my 'west coast tour' I stopped and visited the Rocky Mountain Mama and her two boys in Colorado. We spent the weekend designing aircraft. RMM's eldest boy, Super Sweet S, is a master at putting together intricate Lego machines and buildings- especially, Lego Star Wars! We brought home a large airplane for the boys to assemble. SSS took out the instructions and started on the amazing puzzle solo! It was a beautiful reading experience. He had the directions/instructions next to him and all the pieceslaid out on the table ready to use. The concentration and stamina that he had was impressive. I think he worked on that plane, certainly close to 2 hours!

I also headed north west to see Little Moon and Mama J and Papi D. We decided to rent a cabin in the woods. Mama J wanted to bring her own puzzles, but resisted the urge---- seeing as that the car was already packed to the hilt. But I brought, from NY, a book of puzzles for Little Moon! The Metropolitan Museum of Art in NY publishes 16- piece puzzle books of beautiful artwork. I got Little Moon, Puzzling Beasts with 8 beautiful pieces of art to reassemble. There is a little 'blurb' with each puzzle to read about the art and/or the artist. The books are designed to assist young novice puzzlers so you place the puzzle pieces upon the art.

Puzzles are wonderful games to play that really push your mind mathematically- but they also can push the literary side of your brain as well!

Enjoy the puzzles and the reads!

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